Notion CMS

Write content for your website using your favorite tool - Notion.

Notion CMS is a collection of tools which pull data from your Notion workspace and let you easily integrate them into your statically generated website.

This website is built with Notion CMS and the static site generator Eleventy, check out the guide on how it is built here.

You can see the source Notion page of this site at


Framework Integration


How does it work?


What Notion features are supported?



The Creator

Hey! I'm Lance Chen, a software developer. I am currently building stuff in order to find a path to build a profitable business.

Notion CMS is my first attempt, but it is not aiming for money. It is a set of open source tools which I dogfood for part of my website, and I think people will find it useful as well.

I share what I am building and my progress publicly, follow me on twitter @lancechentw and check out my website